Make Sites Have “Dark Background and Light Text” in Firefox

During the lock-down when we are all stuck at home, the best way to make use of our time is to finish up on all the reading and watch all the movies that we had been planning to read or watch for years. For example, I still haven’t finished the six books from The Earth’s Children series by the renowned author Jean M. Auel. Neither have I watched any of the new Netflix TV shows, but that is an activity I leave for one of those lazy rainy days. When you are reading too much, your eyes are already under strain. If you want to reduce some strain from eyes, you can make colors a bit easier on your eyes by using Firefox extensions like “Dark Background and Light Text”.

This extension can change the colors of any website in such a way that it becomes very easy on your eyes. It changes the background color to dark and the text is turned light colored. The text is not turned bright white, but a shade lower than white so that it does not cause any sudden strain on your eyes.

Dark Background and Light Text

By default it changes the color of all the sites. But you can click on the small “A” icon in the toolbar and select a mode – Default, Invert, Simple CSS, Stylesheet Processor, or Disabled. The default mode uses color values from the settings of the extension. The Invert mode simply inverts all the colors of a site. You can also supply a custom CSS for the use. You can pick “Disabled” to disable changing of the color for any domain name.

In the settings for “Dark Background and Light Text” you can customize all the color values that you would like to be used instead of the default values. This extension gives you more control on how sites appear and it is a really useful tool for people who are spending a lot of time reading online.

You can get the “Dark Background and Light Text” extension for Firefox from