Mactracker Shows Information for All Apple Products Ever Made

Apple, the company behind iPhone and Macbook Air, was founded in 1976, long before many of us were even born. They have been around for around 44 years and during these years they have produced many many devices. Some of these devices are no longer being produced and others have been replaced by newer models. For example, not many people know that Apple used to produce printers for home and office use. They no longer manufacture printers but now they are busy with other things.

If you are a big fan of Apple Inc., then you may want to try your hand at the free Mactracker program. This small program has only purpose – to display detailed information about all the Apple hardware that was ever produced commercially. From Apple I that was released in 1976 to the latest Apple Macbook Air, you will find information about all the hardware in this small program.


The free Mactracker program gives all the details through its very well designed user interface . On the left side, you have to pick one of the categories of the Apple devices such as desktops, notebooks, servers, devices, software, and smart devices. Under each of these categories, you can choose any of the subcategories and then select one of the models.

For each of the models, it displays some basic information about the software, memory, processor, graphics, network and more for that device. It also lists the price for that model when that device was first released. As soon as new Apple products are made available, it included them too in its database. Using the update feature, you can update its database to the latest version if desired.

Mactracker is a very useful Mac application that runs in both macOS and iOS. It can be your handy database of all the Apple products when you are buying or selling them online.

You can download Mactracker from