Mirekusoft Install Monitor : Completely Remove Software from Windows

One of the first few things that we learn when starting to use Windows operating system is how to install and uninstall software in our PC. Usually for installing software we have to launch the setup program for that software. Similarly for uninstalling any software, we have to go to Windows settings, find the app or programs that we want to remove and run the uninstaller associated with it. But these uninstallers are not perfect and sometimes fail to remove files that were copied during the installation. Furthermore, they also do not remove the files or registry entries that were created by that software.

Using Mirekusoft Install Monitor you can thoroughly remove any software including all its program files, the files that were created by it, the registry entries created by it and  any other files it does not care to remove from your hard drive. It monitors your system for any changes made by the installed software. When you uninstall a program from the Mirekusoft Install Monitor interface, it not only runs the associated uninstaller but later it cleans all the files that were left behind and the registry entries that were possibly created by that program. Everything is done safely and a backup is made that can be used to restore the changes made by Mirekusoft Install Monitor.

Mirekusoft Install Monitor

The user interface of Mirekusoft Install Monitor looks similar to the traditional Control Panel applet for removing programs. It lists all the programs installed on your PC along with their details such as name of the manufacturer, installation date, size of the software on your hard drive and the version number of the software. In addition, it also comes with a startup manager using which you can control the programs being automatically launched at Windows startup. Similarly, it can tell you how each of these installed programs is impacting your system’s performance.

While it does remove all remnants left behind by a software, Mirekusoft Install Monitor takes a long time to scan your system and can hog up your system resources. If you installed some software that has made undesired changes to your system, you can get rid of it using Mirekusoft Install Monitor.

You can download Mirekusoft Install Monitor from https://www.mirekusoft.com/.