Snap Links Plus : Open Multiple Links in Firefox Simultaneously

Sometimes we have to download multiple files from a website and we keep clicking on one link after another until we start to feel pain in the fingers or the mouse button stops working. Of course, there are download managers that can spider the links from any webpage and help you download but they are often very confusing to use. A better approach for downloading or opening multiple links in Firefox is through an extension called Snap Links Plus.

This nifty extension can open multiple links in new tabs at the same time. After installing this extension in your Firefox web browser, all you have to do is right-click and drag a rectangle around the links in question. It will actually show you the rectangle using green dashed line. It will also show you the number of links it has discovered inside that rectangle. As soon as you release the mouse button, it will go to work – it will open all those links in new tabs and switch to one of these newly opened tabs. If the links pointed to files, then those files will be downloaded.

Snap Links Plus

In the options for Snap Links Plus extension, you can change whether you have to press one of the modifier keys (Ctrl, Shift or Alt) along with the right mouse button in order to make it work, whether to open new tabs at the end of tab bar, whether to show the number of links in the selection rectangle, and more.

Snap Links Plus

Snap Links Plus can also be used to select or deselect some of the other elements on a webpage such as radio buttons or checkboxes. Just like selecting links, you have to use the right mouse button to drag a rectangle around the checkboxes and they will be selected.

You can get Snap Links Plus for Firefox from