MiTeC DirList Generates List of Files & Folders in CSV and HTML Format

MiTeC DirList is a small portable Windows application that can be used to generate a list of all the files & folders on your hard drive or on network drives. It can be used to recursively go through the folders and make a list of all of their contents. It offers several filters that can be used to generate the list of the files. It displays a preview of the list which can then be exported to a file or printed on your connected printer.

DirList performs its listing operation in three simple steps – selection of folders, selection of list options and preview of the generated list. In the first step, you have to select a drive and any folders that you want to include on that drive. At this stage, you can choose whether you want to recurse the sub-folders or want to include hidden and system files. You can also use wildcards to select files having specific pattern of names.

MiTeC DirList

Clicking on the small Start button will take you to the second step. Here you have to choose options about how the list will be generated and how it will appear. You can pick the columns to be included in the list like Path, Name, Extension, Size, Date etc. You can choose a custom title for the list, HTML color and style, a report format (CSV or HTML) and then click on the Preview button to proceed.

MiTeC DirList

Finally, you will be looking at a preview of the list. You can now either save this list to your local storage in the same format as the report format you had selected in the second step (CSV or HTML) or you can print this list on your printer.

MiTeC DirList

MiTeC DirList is freeware and can be used without any restrictions. It is a handy tool when you want to save directory structure of a drive or a folder for later records or want to include it in some of your reports.

You can download MiTeC DirList from