Manage Fonts Easily in Windows with MainType

Every operating system comes with some font files that are commonly referred to as just fonts. Different fonts can be used to display or print text in different typefaces. Windows also comes with hundreds of fonts and you can download many thousands more from the internet. There are websites like FontSpace from where you can download fonts of different sizes and designs.

But when you have thousands of fonts on your system, it becomes difficult to manage them manually. For managing a large collection of fonts, you need a special font management software such as MainType. It is a professional font management software that comes with features like backup and restore, easy installation of fonts, exporting the loaded fonts to a folder, generating an HTML report of your fonts collection and more.

When launched for the first time, it scans your system drive for fonts and prepares a font library from where you can preview fonts, install or remove them. You can also add custom fonts folder from where it can all the fonts to your library. In your library, you can add tags to your fonts for making it easy to search for them later. For example, you can add tags like cursive, typewriter, or retro, etc. Later you can use these tags to search for fonts in your library.

MainType Font Manager

When you have a large collection of fonts, you may end up with hundreds of duplicate fonts or corrupt fonts that you downloaded but never tested. MainType is able to go through all of your fonts and find duplicate fonts so that you can remove them to save space and confusion. Similarly, it can scan for the invalid and corrupt fonts.

One of the really useful features of MainType is its ability to generate a comprehensive list of all the fonts in your library. This list contains not only the font face name, but a preview of all the character set for that font. You can you this list later on to select fonts for a particular project instead of loading fonts to find out how the text appears using them.

You can download MainType Fonts Manager from