Photo Stitcher : Merge Several Photos to Make Panorama Pictures

Photo Stitcher is a software that helps combine many photos together to create panoramic pictures. It can join the pictures horizontally or vertically together for a panorama effect. It is aimed at beginner or intermediate level users and does not require any special image editing skills. The software is available for both Windows and macOS.

Photo Stitcher asks you to add multiple pictures as soon as it is launched. As soon as you add the pictures, it joins them together to form a panoramic picture. You can change various settings to fine tune the joining of the pictures. You can make it combine the selected pictures horizontally or vertically.

You can change the way these pictures are stitched together – join them as is, crop them or resize them. You can change the inner and outer spacing of the pictures. As you select a stitching mode – slider controls appear on the pictures using which you drag them to resize or align them properly.

Photo Stitcher

Apart from the panorama tools, it also comes with some basic editing and annotation tools. You can draw on the pictures, draw geometric shapes, arrows and add watermark text. If there is a part of the picture that you want to hide, then it comes with a mosaic tool that can cleverly mask that area. Opacity, spacing and size of the watermark text can also be altered.

Once you are finished with arranging and editing your pictures, you can export the resulting panoramic image as a PNG image file.

Had they used some artificial intelligence components to aid with the joining of the pictures, it would have become much easier for beginners. But even without AI, Photo Stitcher offers a very convenient way of joining your images side-by-side to produce a large panoramic picture. You can use this tool along side some powerful graphics editing software like GIMP to create some breathtaking panoramic pictures.

You can download Photo Stitcher from