Serato DJ Lite : Free Music Mixing Software for Professional DJs

Music is the soul of life. Without music there is no fun in the life. And listening to the music is done best with the help of a great DJ. A good DJ can turn any dull party into talk of the town for months to come. While we all cannot afford to invite professional DJs to our parties, we can surely manage to learn a little bit of amateur DJing ourselves. For this all you need is your laptop, a cheap DJ turn-table and Serato DJ Lite software.

Serato DJ Lite is a very popular DJ software for creating and mixing music. Using this easy-to-use software you can not only learn the basics of DJing but also can become a successful DJ yourself. It is great for the beginners who want to quickly learn about the introductory elements of DJ business.

If you have a DJ turn-table then you can connect it to your laptop or desktop computer using a cable (provided with the turn-table) and Serato DJ Lite will be able to interface it directly without much problem. Now you can control Serato DJ Lite through your turn-table comfortably. But it can also be controlled through the software interface, albeit it is not going to be as comfortable as a turn-table.

Serato DJ Lite

In the Serato DJ Lite, you get two free weeks of Serato DJ Professional which lets you use advanced features that professional DJs use. After two weeks, it will disable those features but even then Serato DJ Lite is a very powerful mixing software. It is great for the newbies who will find a special practice mode that will prepare and teach them  the basics of DJing. It comes with five free tracks that you can play with to learn how to become a good DJ.

Through the Serato DJ Lite interface, you can create one or more playlists, add music to your library and can also livestream online. If you do not have music of your own, then you can easily find classic music through Serato DJ Lite interface. It works with many of the DJ controller hardware manufacturers so no matter which of the DJ hardware you buy, chances are that it will be compatible with your DJ hardware (like a turn-table).

You can download Serato DJ Lite from