Snap Camera : Apply Dynamic Fun Effects to Webcam

Almost everyone knows about Snapchat, the popular multimedia messaging app for smartphones that comes with thousands of cool effects and animations. But not that many know about Snap Camera being offered by the same developers who are behind Snapchat. Snap Camera is a webcam filter application for Windows and macOS. Using this webcam filter, you can change your appearance and apply hundreds of special effects and fun things to your webcam feed.

It installs a virtual  webcam driver in your computer which can be used in all the applications, browsers and apps in place of your actual webcam. After the installation is finished, you can launch Snap Camera and it will display a preview of your webcam. After this, you can apply various effects and see them being applied dynamically in realtime. You can take a picture of yourself or record your video while these effects are applied.

Snap Camera

The effects are placed in many categories such as cool effects, color effects, game effects, win from home, character, funny effects, and cute effects. There are effects like vampire that gives you vampire like fangs, torch light effect that turns your eyes into flashlights and more. There are many more effects shared by users some of which are simple and others are not so interesting.

Other than snapping your selfies and recording yourself, you can also use this Snap Camera in any other application that allows use of your webcam like your web browser or Twitch client. All you have to do is make a few changes by selecting the “Snap Camera” virtual camera as the webcam. Everything else stays the same.

Snap Camera brings many cool effects for your webcam. It works seamlessly with Twitch and you can now livestream with many funny effects while playing your games online.

You can download Snap Camera by Snapchat from