Biscuit Browser : Fast Web Browser for Accessing Web Apps

When you open too many tabs in your web browser, it takes up too much of your system RAM which often results in slowing down of your system, reduction of overall computer performance and even system hangup. In fact, I had a similar situation on my Windows 10 computer today when I tried to open many sites in the Firefox web browser.

So what is the solution? One way to tackle this problem is to upgrade your system RAM – add more RAM modules so that all the applications have ample amount of RAM available. Another much cheaper method is to just use the free Biscuit browser. This new browser gives you freedom from the tabs. Instead of many tabs, it uses a new concept of apps.

Biscuit Browser

In the Biscuit browser, you can create groups and each group can contain multiple apps. For example, there can be a group labeled “Work” and another one labeled “Personal”. You can add many apps under each of the groups. It shows you a huge list of web apps available from which you can make a selection.

All these groups are completely independent of one another and do not share data between them. This means that you can use several user profiles for the same app if you place them in different groups. For example, you can use Twitter with two different accounts in the same browser simply by placing them in different groups.

Biscuit Browser

Biscuit browser is based on Chrome base and is really fast in operation. It does not offer as many features as you would find in some other modern web browsers such as Vivaldi or Opera but it is fast for sure. It does not seem to consume as much RAM as some other desktop browsers.

You can download Biscuit Browser from