Flashtray Pro : System Tray Application Launcher for Windows

During a word day, some of us have to sit in front of the computer screens working with different applications and web apps. In order to save time, many of us just create a short of an app on the Windows desktop. But having too many shortcuts on your desktop makes it look all cluttered up. A much better approach to be able to launch apps, websites or folders is through an app launcher like Flashtray Pro.

Flashtray Pro is a free application launcher for Windows using which you can easily launch various commonly used programs, files, folders or websites. You can also use it to record some keyboard actions and replay them back anytime later.

After you have installed Flashtray Pro on your Windows PC, it will show up as a system tray icon. You can right-click on this icon to have quick access to all the websites, programs and other things that you have configured in its settings. From here, you can also launch various in-built tools like Color Picker, Character Map, Calendar Studio, Screen Magnifier, and Window Sizer. You can also empty recycle bin, minimize all the open windows and run the configured screen saver from here.

Flashtray Pro

If you want to add more shortcuts to webpages, files, folders or programs, then you can do so from Flashtray Pro settings. You can actually add various types of shortcuts to the notification area icon menu. You can insert all sorts of shortcuts – webpages, document, program folder, sub-menu, or system.

You can add hotkeys for various actions such as changing system volume or taking multiple screenshots in the settings. It comes with a highlighter pen that can be green or yellow color (colors can be changed). You can press the highlighter hotkey and draw on your screen to highlight something on your screen. After highlighting, you can capture the screenshot and save them.

Flashtray Pro

Flashtray Pro is a very useful tool and can save your time everyday when you want to launch applications, folders, documents or websites. The various tools that it comes with like Character Map, Magnifier or Color Picker are also very handy in everyday work life.

You can download Flashtray Pro from http://www.blacksunsoftware.com/flashtray.html.