Bluetooth Version Finder Shows Bluetooth Information in Windows

All new desktop and laptop computers usually come with Bluetooth connectivity built inside them. And if your computer does not have Bluetooth then you can simply buy a USB Bluetooth dongle that you can plug-in to your computer and instantly get all the Bluetooth features. But all Bluetooth dongles are not the same – their features differ based on the version of Bluetooth supported by them. The higher the version of Bluetooth you have, the more features your computer supports.

So how do you find out which version of Bluetooth you computer supports? One way to find is to just check the manual that came with your computer and find the section where the hardware specifications are printed. But if you are not able to find the manual then a much quicker way is by using a freeware called Bluetooth Version Finder.

Bluetooth Version Finder

This portable program has no other functions than to show you the version of Bluetooth supported on your computer. You can download and run it on your computer. It will instantly show you the Bluetooth version in big and bold letters. If your computer has more than one Bluetooth adapters or devices then you can select them from the drop-down list to find out the version supported by them.

Some features offered by Windows 10 are only available if you have Bluetooth version 4.0 or above. If your computer has a lower version of Bluetooth then you won’t be able to use these features. You can use Bluetooth Version Finder to know the version supported by your PC and if it is less than 4.0 then you can buy a USB Bluetooth dongle that supported version 4.0 or above. There are many such USB Bluetooth dongles/adapters available on online shopping sites like Amazon or eBay etc.

You can download Bluetooth Version Finder from