Create Video Thumbnails Quickly with Ezthumb

Ezthumb is a simple program using which you can easily and quickly generate informative thumbnails from any video file. Ezthumb is an open-source program and incorporates another popular open-source project called FFmpeg. Because it utilizes FFmpeg it can support almost any kind of video file and generate thumbnails from the video files.

Ezthumb offers two different ways of generating thumbnails – one is through right-click context-menu in Windows File Explorer and another way is by launching Ezthumb from its Start menu shortcut. The first method (context-menu) does not work properly in Windows 10 as the operating system makes it very difficult to add additional items in the context-menu. But it works flawlessly in Windows 7 and also Windows 8.1.


If you want to work with multiple video files in a batch mode, then you can launch Ezthumb from the Start menu shortcut. In its user interface you can start adding video files by clicking on the Add button. As soon as you add a video file, it displays the file size, time duration and the resolution of that video. After you have added all the videos, you can simply click on the Run button and it will go to work right away. You will see the progress of the process in this same window.

In the settings of the Ezthumb program, you can set grid setting (how many columns or rows) and zoom setting for the video frames. You can also choose how the media file information is retrieved from the selected video files. This information is printed in the video thumbnail image. You can choose a font face and font size for this information as well. Other settings include the folder where the thumbnail files are placed and the filename suffix.


Ezthumb is useful if you want to create a database of your video files and want to know which of these files contains which content. Instead of having to play a video file to find out what’s inside that video, you can just look at this video thumbnail image to find everything about it.

You can download Ezthumb from