Dell Display Manager : Manage and Control Multiple Dell Monitors

Dell Display Manager is a comprehensive monitor management software from Dell. As you can guess, it works only if you have a Dell monitor connected to your PC. You do not have to have all the Dell monitors, but you must have at least one Dell monitor in the multi-monitor setup. For example, you can connect an external Dell monitor with your laptop and Dell Display Manager will work.

Even from all the Dell monitors, you cannot choose just any Dell monitor for it to work. It supports only a select number of Dell monitor models that must be connected to your PC for it to work. There are two ways to find out whether your Dell monitor works with DDM (Dell Display Manager) – one way is to check the supported models list on the Dell website and the second way is to simply install DDM and see if it works. In case your monitor is not supported, it will display a warning icon in the notification area of Windows desktop.

Dell Display Manager

In DDM settings, you can define brightness and contrast for your monitors. You can choose from one of the presets or manually adjust these values. Another interesting features is auto-mode in DDM which auto-adjusts the brightness and contrast depending upon which application you are using – web browser, media player and so on. You can actually configure different values for different applications installed on your computer.

Another useful feature provided by DDM is “Easy Arrange” in which you can choose a window layout for various open windows in your computer. There are dozens of these layouts available. When you position your open application windows, they will auto-adjust to these layouts giving you a better arrangement of windows on your screen.

Dell Display Manager

Some Dell computers come with multiple video inputs (just like your LED TV) – HDMI, USB, VGA, and more. Using DDM, you can choose which of these inputs should be enabled for a connected monitor. You can also assign shortcut keys to enable one or more video inputs for a monitor which makes it easy to switch between different video sources.

Dell Display Manager is an extremely useful application if you own one or more supported Dell monitors. It will surely make your life easier especially if you are IT or network administrator for your organization.

You can download Dell Display Manager from