Duplicate Cleaner : Scan and Remove Identical Files

With the easy availability of large storage hard drives having multiple terabytes of storage space, the age old problem of lacking storage space has finally come to an end. But even then you should not let your valuable storage space be wasted on unnecessary or duplicate files. After all what is the use of having the same exact file stored in ten different locations on your hard drive?

One way to tackle the problem of duplicate or identical files is to use a software like Duplicate Cleaner which can be used to scan and remove all the identical files from your system. It is a very advanced and feature rich software that can detect similar files in addition to exact duplicates. It can also use file analysis to find similar audio or image files. It can go through your MP3 music library to scan for similar audio files and can check their metadata to find duplicate files. Not only MP3, but it works with all the popular music file formats.

Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner offers three scanning modes – regular mode, audio mode and image mode. The  regular mode is for scanning all types of files – you can choose whether to look for 100% identical files or similar files. The image mode is for finding identical images – you can choose whether to find rotated, resized, flipped or slightly edited images. The audio mode is for finding identical music files – you can choose what types of metadata (such as artist name, album name etc.) is to be matched.

In the scan results, you will find all the duplicate files grouped together in separate groups. You should select only one from each of these groups and remove the rest. Alternatively, you can also move the duplicate files to a folder so that you can make up your mind later on.

Duplicate Cleaner is a very advanced duplicate files remover software. It can successfully find similar content files so that identical files varying only slightly do not escape. You should use it for regular cleaning of your hard drive every few months.

You can download Duplicate Cleaner from https://www.duplicatecleaner.com/.