Type Mathematical Equations Easily with Open-Source MathCast

Whether you are a student or a teacher, you may have to type some sort of mathematical equations for various reasons, for example, when teachers are preparing assignments for their students, when students are finishing their reports and so on. Editors such as Microsoft Word come with an in-built equation editor, but not all of them are easy to use or offer many features.

This is where the open-source software MathCast can be useful. It is an equation editor software using which you can add, edit and export equations of all types. It comes with mathematical symbols of many different types and allows you to add the equation in a very easy manner. The equations can be copy pasted in almost any editor and can also be exported in BMP image format or MathML format.


MathCast is designed to be a very easy text editor. You can begin by clicking on the add or insert equation button in the toolbar. This open a small editor in which you can enter equations using the popular markdown syntax. For example, when you type x^5, it becomes x5. For adding complex symbols such as those of summation and calculus, you can use the symbols toolbar and use specific syntax which is not very difficult to learn.

It comes with a comprehensive help file that you can skim through in a few minutes and learn everything you would need to start using MathCast professionally. The help file gives a big list of examples using which you can add these symbols in your own equations.


Other that the obvious use of MathCast by the teachers and their students, this open-source equations editor can be used by website owners or bloggers who have to publish some sort of equations. Since MathCast can export the equations as images and also as MathML, incorporating them in any website is a matter of seconds.

You can download MathCast from http://mathcast.sourceforge.net/home.html.