How to Disable Picture-in-Picture Mode in Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi web browser has all the features that you would find in other leading web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. For example, Vivaldi also displays a button over all the videos that you play in the browser for enabling the picture-in-picture mode. When you click on this small button, the video pops out and is played in a small window of its own. The usefulness of this picture-in-picture mode is that you can watch the video while accessing other websites or doing something else as the picture-in-picture mode stays on top of other tabs. You can even resize this special window to suit your own personal preferences. And whenever you want to go back to the original mode, you can close the picture-in-picture window and it will go back to the original tab just like before.

Even though this picture-in-picture mode is very useful, some people prefer not to use it because they think that it interferes with the full enjoyment of the video or live-streaming, perhaps because you cannot see the comments or text based chat in the picture-in-picture mode. In any case, if you want to disable the picture-in-picture mode in the Vivaldi web browser then this is how you can proceed:

  1. Launch Vivaldi web browser and click on the big V near the top-left corner.
  2. From the menu select, Tools and then Settings. Alternatively, you can also press Ctrl+F12 hotkey to open the Vivaldi browser settings.Picture-in-Picture Mode in Vivaldi
  3. On the Vivaldi browser settings screen, select Webpages category from the left side.
  4. Uncheck the setting labeled Picture-in-Picture Button on Videos.Picture-in-Picture Mode in Vivaldi
  5. Close all Vivaldi browser windows, wait five seconds and then re-launch it.

Not everyone is happy with the small blue button that appears over the video frame. Some even think that it interferes with their video watching experience. By using the above-mentioned steps, you can get rid of this picture-in-picture button in seconds.

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  1. When following the steps, the ‘Picture-in-Picture Button On Videos’ option is absent. Am I doing something wrong?

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