KernSafe DiskEncryptor : Encrypt Hard Drive and Disk Images

KernSafe DiskEncryptor is an encryption software for Windows that allows you to encrypt physical hard drives, individual partitions, CD/DVD images (ISO), and virtual disk volumes. It uses very powerful AES 256 bit cipher for all encryption purposes and uses a really fast encryption process.

It installs drivers on your Windows PC so that it can access the hard drive or other storage media directly and can perform encryption or decryption without delay. In its user interface, you will find three operations that can be selected – Physical Disk, Private Disk and CD Encryption.

Physical Disk encryption is for encryption entire hard drives or the partitions on it. You can select a partition and then it will display some basic information about it – total space, used space and the available free space. You can click on the Encrypt button to start the encryption process.

KernSafe DiskEncryptor

The CD/DVD encryption section is for encryption a CD or DVD image in the ISO format. You have to select a source ISO image file, select a destination folder and click on the Encrypt button. It will encrypt the contents of the selected ISO image and then repackage them into a new encrypted ISO file. You can mount this ISO file using a tool like TotalMounter or burn it on a physical blank CD or DVD using a tool like ImgBurn.

KernSafe DiskEncryptor

If you want to keep your personal files protected away from everyone’s snooping eyes, then KernSafe DiskEncryptor offers a Private Disk. It is a disk image file that can be mounted to be used as a partition in the File Explorer. You can copy all your personal files on this partition and they will be encrypted when you unmount the disk image.

KernSafe DiskEncryptor

KernSafe DiskEncryptor is a really useful volume encryption utility for Windows. It uses very strong encryption and allows hard drive, CD image and virtual volume based encryption. We found that encryption of a 10 GB volume was really fast and was done in a matter of seconds.

You can download KernSafe DiskEncryptor from