How to Enable Call Subtitles in Skype for Windows

During these days of global lockdown, I have re-discovered how useful Skype really is. Using this one app, I can stay in touch with friends, family and co-workers not just through Skype voice calls, or video calls, but by making in expensive phone calls anywhere in the world. Whenever you are feeling lonely, you can video call your family or loved ones and in a flash you are no longer alone.

Skype is also very useful for office meeting without actually being in your office. We can start group video calls and arrange a virtual meeting. When you are making a video call to your foreigner, sometimes you may not understand clearly what they are saying. It happens to me a lot when others ask me to repeat what I have just said. Skype has a solution for this – it can translate what others are saying into your languages and display it as subtitles on the video call. This also works for audio calls.

Enable Skype Subtitles

Here is how you can enable Skype call subtitles:

  1. Launch Skype for Windows desktop. Press Ctrl+Comma on your keyboard to open its settings.
  2. In Skype settings, select Calling and then Call subtitles.Enable Skype Subtitles
  3. In the call subtitles settings, you can choose your own language, choose to enable subtitles for all the voice and video calls, and whether you want to view the subtitles for the other party on the call.
  4. You can close the settings now and try making a call to any of your contacts. The subtitles will be displayed near the bottom edge of the video /audio call frame.Enable Skype Subtitles

For the subtitles to work smoothly, you must have a good data or WiFi internet connection. As Skype has to analyze and fetch the translations in real time. I tried it with a slow 4G network and audio for the Skype call became very choppy.