Clean Me for macOS : Cleans Junk and Unnecessary Files

Whether it is a Windows PC, a Linux machine or a Mac, they all have one and same problem of the junk files being piled up on the hard drives or other storage devices after a few months of use. These junk files are generated as a by product of regular computer use. For example, when you use your web browser, it stores so many files on the local storage such as cookies, history files, among other things. Similarly, when you are editing a document using Microsoft Word it may generate and store some files in the user profile folder.

Fortunately for the Mac users getting rid of the junk and unnecessary files is very easy through the use open-source software “Clean Me”. It is very lightweight and fast junk file removal software. It offers a very minimal user interface that has flip switches to select which items you wish to clean from your Mac.

Clean Me for macOS

You can use this switches to clean the trash, downloads folder, e-mail attachments, Xcode DerivedData, bash history, terminal cache, user application logs, user application cache, user cache, user logs, system cache, system logs, global temp files, user preferences, spotlight indexing files, document revisions and more.

In addition to making the selection via the switches, you can also use the folder symbol to view the data that will be cleaned under that category. You can use this feature double-check whether the respective files are really no longer needed.

You can click on the Analyze button to find out how much space is taken by the files under each of the categories without deleting anything. For actually cleaning the files, you have to click on the Clean button. After a warning and your confirmation, it will get rid of the files from your system.

You can download “Clean Me” for macOS from