Kami : Online PDF and Document Annotation Tool

Kami is a popular companion for all the students these days when everyone is under lockdown and students have to study from home. Kami offers easy to use and full featured PDF and document viewer, editor, and annotation tools. Using this web app, any student or their teachers can take on the exams, school tests, or assignments easily.

Students can finish assignments faster

Any student who receives an assignment in the PDF, DOCX (Microsoft Word), PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint) or image format, can open that assingment in Kami and start adding the answers using a set of tools like text insertion, equations, drawings and so on. The finished document can be saved in PDF format and sent back to your online school or teacher. There is no need of printing the assignment or scanning the finished homework.

Kami for Chrome

Teachers can prepare assignments

If you are a teacher then you can quickly create new assignments using Kami. It offers you all the tools that you would need for preparing question papers for your students whether it is literature, science or mathematics. It is easier to type in equations using Kami than in Microsoft Word. The assignments can also include external images and other things. You can save them as PDF files and sent to your students.

Kami for Chrome

Kami is for everyone

While Kami focuses mainly on digital or online classrooms, it can be used just by anyone. You do not have to a high school or university student to use Kami. It has all the tools that anyone can use to annotate their PDF, DOCX, or PPTX files in seconds. In fact, you have to choose your primary use of Kami when creating a new account – K12 school, college, university, work or personal use.

Kami for Chrome

Kami is available in two versions – free and licensed version. In the free version some tools are missing. For using these tools, you can try a demo version that is valid for 7 days. You can also buy a license that costs around $99 per year. If your school or teacher has already bought the license then it is available free of cost to all the students.

You can visit Kami web app for all the web browsers at https://www.kamiapp.com/.