Superpaper : Perfectly Position Wallpapers on Multiple Monitors

Power users cannot keep themselves constrained to just one monitor. They often attach two or three monitors to their computers so that they can have more space for various things and can manage various projects much more effectively. For example, I use two screens attached to my desktop computer – one is for the my programming work and another for Skype, browsers, and other things. Both screens can be controlled using just one set of keyboard and mouse.

Multiple monitors can be used either in the cloned configuration or in the extended configuration. In the cloned setup, the same content is displayed on all the screens. In the extended setup, next screen begins where the previous screen ends – extending the area of the whole desktop. In any case, you can use an open-source software Superpaper to perfectly place any wallpaper image across all the connected monitors.

Superpaper offers three modes – simple span, advanced span and separate images for every display. In the simple span mode, a single image is used for all the monitors and is spanned across all of them. In the advanced span mode, it can make adjustments for the bezel and frame of the monitors so that wallpaper is spanned across all the monitors much more accurately. And finally in the separate image mode, you can simpy select a different wallpaper for all the monitors.


In Superpaper, you can set multiple profiles – each having different settings for a different multiple monitor setup. In this profile, you can choose a number of folders as the source of wallpaper images. These images will be set in the selected span mode for your monitors. You can also set a different hotkey for each of your profiles so that you can quickly switch to any of these profiles. If you have many wallpaper images, you can run a slideshow of the wallpaper backgrounds – changing the wallpaper image every few minutes.

Superpaper is a multiple-monitor wallpaper management tool. We tested and found out that it works very well with ViewSonic monitors. It offers many modes and accurately calculates the space between two monitors so as to adjust for the bezel thickness of the monitors.

You can download Superpaper from