Mewcam : Display Webcam Without Background on Desktop

Mewcam is an open-source tool that can be used to display your webcam stream with background removed on your desktop. This application is designed using the Electron framework and is available for macOS and Windows. It works with all types of webcams both the external HD cameras and the built-in webcams.

As far as Windows 10 is concerned, after the installation Mewcam places an icon in the notification area of Windows desktop. You can right-click on this icon to change various settings related to Mewcam. If you have multiple web cams attached to your computer, then you can choose which of these cameras are to be used for Mewcam feed.

From the same right-click menu, you can choose the video quality of the webcam that is used in display its video feed on your desktop. Similarly, you can choose the size of the video window that is displayed by Mewcam. There are no “quit” or “exit” options in this menu, but you can click on the Mewcam video window, right-click on it and then choose “Close” from there.


Mewcam acts like a virtual green screen that automatically detects the person sitting in front of the camera and removes all of the background. It does not display anything on your screen if a person’s face is not detected. If you are not seeing anything then you have to make sure that there is enough light in your room and you are sitting in front of the web cam. You can use a software like Skype to test your webcam for making sure of the light. Similarly, too much light in the face can make your face disappear on the webcam.

Recently Skype has also added a feature that can replace your background with some other picture. Compared to Skype, Mewcam does not work as efficiently. We tested both Skype and Mewcam using the same computer and same webcam. While Skype was working as expected, Mewcam failed to display anything on the screen.

You can download Mewcam from