Videonizer : Advanced Video Management Software for Windows

With an HD camera in almost all the smartphones, everyone is recording videos as much as possible. Today millions of people all over the world are making  videos for their Youtube channels. With all these videos, it becomes a daunting task to manage your videos. If you do not manage your videos, then you may end up losing or deleting some of the very important videos from your hard drive or the backup storage devices.

Fortunately, it is very easy to manage and organize your videos using a software like Videonizer. It is a free application for Windows that can be used to organize not only the videos but also the music files and pictures. With just this one application, you will be able to manage all of your media files.

Videonizer is to be very easy. You begin by creating a new database or opening an existing database. After that you can start adding pictures, music or video files. You can also add entire folders containing video files. After this you can add a description to these files, genre, cast, tags, actors and sites etc. If you have Video Thumbnail Maker installed (from the same developer), then you can even generate thumbnails for the videos. It offers to install Video Thumbnails Maker if you have not already installed it.


When you add a new media file, it generates a file hash for that file so that you do not end up adding duplicate files. It also encrypts the database with strong ciphers to keep your video database protected from the snooping eyes.

We tested Videonizer on an ordinary laptop running Windows 10. It ran smoothly and did not consume too many of the system resources. It has hard-coded window size that cannot be made any smaller and we were forced to use it fully maximized which is not a big problem.


You can download Videonizer from