OpenRGB : Control RGB Lighting on Windows and Linux

Gaming computers often come with RGB lighting and if they don’t come with RGB lights then you can easily retrofit it to your gaming PC. There are tons of RGB lights available for your PC along with some peripherals that already come with RGB lights such as keyboards, mice, headphones etc.

Some gaming components manufacturer supply their own OEM software to control how these RGB lights behave. If you are using gaming devices with RGB from many different manufacturers then you might end up installing dozens of different software that is going to hog your system resources.

As a solution, open-source developer Adam Honse has come up with OpenRGB – a Windows and Linux application that can be used to control RGB lights for multiple devices from many different manufacturers. It has support for many RGB devices including ones from Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI, ASRock, Razer, Logitech, Corsair and more.


As you run OpenRGB, it will automatically detect any of he supported devices or PC components and list them in the user interface. Depending on the features of the respective devices, you can then make the changes to the settings on the RGB lights. The changes made to all the supported devices can be saved to a profile. You can load this profile at any later time and OpenRGB willl automatically reload all the settings for your devices.

OpenRGB does not require any installation and can be launched in the portable mode. You may have to run it in the administrator mode so that it can access your devices. As of now this software is still being developed and the developer promises support for more devices in the future. You can find if your device is supported simply by launching it on your PC or by looking at the list of supported devices on its website.

You can download OpenRGB from