PicMaster : Image Editor with Thousands of Photo Filters

PicMaster is a very comprehensive image editor that includes so many tools for capturing webcam videos, image editing with thousands of filters, morphing, creating slide shows and conversion of 3D images. It also comes with a feature of batch actions recording that can be played back in the same order.

PicMaster is available only for Windows. It is merely a 3.18 MB download but packs more than a thousand different photo filters inside this tiny package. It allows you to edit individual images or apply multiple actions to a number of images in the batch editing mode.

It can capture video from your webcam or connected digital camera. The same devices can be used to capture still images. It can scan using a connected scanner and save the output as high resolution images. When scanning, it can auto-rotate the images to straighten the edges, straighten text or cut out the border.


If you have an all-in-one printer connected, then it can turn it into a photocopier (scanning and printing). If you are scanning a book then you can use the auto-save mode in which scanner output is saved automatically and you can just focus on scanning the pages.

PicMaster offers many tools to work with 3D pictures. If you already have a 3D picture then it can extract the left and the right frames into separate images. It can also do the opposite – take two images and combine them together to produce a 3D image (also called anaglyphs). In order to view the 3D images, you will need 3D eyeglasses that have magenta-cyan colored plain glasses. If you do not have any 3D glasses, you can use PicMaster to print one for yourself. It provides ready to print template for 3D glasses complete with instructions.

PicMaster offers many image editing tools in a small package. It includes morphing tools, 3D image tools, photo filters, image format conversion tools, slide show creation tools and more.

You can download PicMaster from http://www.graphics-tools.com/.