WinImage : Read, Write and Edit Disk Images Easily

WinImage is a small Windows program that can help you create new disk images, edit already existing disk images and restore the data to the physical disks using these disk images. It works with all sorts of storage devices including old fashioned floppy disks, hard disk drives, solid state drives, optical media like CD/DVD, removable USB pen-drives and more. It supports a wide range of file systems like VHD, DMF, ISO, FAT, NTFS, EXT3 etc.

WinImage is portable and very small program but it is very useful. It can be used for creating full backups of hard disk drives in a few minutes. For this, you have to launch WinImage and then select one of the disk drives from the Disk menu. Once a drive is selected, you can press Ctrl+R or choose to Read Disk from the same menu. This will save the contents of the selected disk in form of a disk image.


Using WinImage, you can restore the contents from the disk images as well. For this, you have to open a disk image first by pressing Ctrl+O and select the disk image file. Then you have to select an available disk drive just like before from the Disk menu. Finally, you can either press Ctrl+W or choose Write Disk from the menu to write the image contents to the selected disk.


This same process can be used to create disk images of all types of storage devices including internal or external hard drive, CD/DVD, floppy disks, removable USB drives etc. Additionally, it also allows you to edit the disk images as well. Once a disk image is open in WinImage, you can, add new files or remove existing files, defragment the image, or even change their format.

WinImage offers all the tools for creating, editing or writing disk images of all kinds. It is portable and very easy to work with. It can be used for backing up your hard drives or using their disk images in virtualization software like VirtualBox or Qemu.

You can download WinImage from