Pixillion : Image Conversion and Resizing Software for Windows

Before you start sharing your freshly snapped photographs, you should first do some basic editing which might including removing some unwanted elements from the pictures (such as your nosy neighbor), resizing large pictures into smaller ones and converting the images from a much more popular format such as JPEG. Making the image files smaller in size helps others quickly download and view them even if they are experiencing a relatively slower internet connection.

Pixillion is a free image conversion software that can be used for image file format conversion and resizing them including some other basic tasks. It offers a very convenient user interface – you have to first add all the pictures that you want to work on. You can add many different image formats like BMP, DNG, GIF, HEIC, ICO, IFF, JPG, JPEG, JPE, JFIF, JPS, WDP, HDP, JXR, JP2, EXR, PCX, PDF, AI, PQF, PNG, PNM, PBM, PQM, PPM, PSD, RAS, SVG, SVGZ, TGA, TIF, TUFF, WBMP, WEBP, EMF, WMF, EMZ, MPO, DJVU.


After this you can select an output folder and output image format. For conversion, you cannot choose from as many image formats as you can choose for the source image files. For output image formats you can choose from the image files of type BMP, DOCX, GIF, IFF, ICO, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PGF, PNG, PNM, PSD, RAS, SVG, TGA, TIFF, WEBP, WBMP, WMF etc.


Before you begin the conversion you can change the color depth. A lower color depth can compress the image and make it of smaller file size but also reduces some of the details from the image. For example, a 24-bit image can be reduced to a 16-bit image and it will become smaller in size. You can also add some image effects including resizing, flipping, rotating, watermarking, etc. The conversion process is very smooth and takes a very short time. After the conversion is done, you can find all the files in the output folder.

It also adds a right-click context-menu for all the supported image files. It is very helpful for quickly converting or resizing your images. Since the effects settings stay unchanged across different sessions, you can set the effects once and then use right-click feature to quickly watermark or resize your images.

Pixllion is very small but very fast image conversion and resizing software for Windows. Pixillion for Windows is free for non-commercial personal use.

You can download Pixllion from https://www.nchsoftware.com/imageconverter/index.html.