Record Skype Calls with Video Using Amolto Call Recorder

Amolto Call Recorder for Skype can be used to record audio and video calls made using Skype for Windows. It is easiest to use call recorder and does not require any manual settings to be adjusted by the user. As soon as you install it on your Windows PC, you can start recording calls. The audio calls are saved in the MP3 format and the video calls are saved in the MP4 format.

In order to record any type of calls made through Skype (Skype to Skype or Skype to phone), you have to launch Skype and then Amolto Call Recorder. When it detects Skype running, it will be ready for recording. Now you can start recording and then make the call in Skype. It will automatically detect the new calls and save each of these calls in separate audio or video files. You will find these files in the user profile folder for Windows. But you can change the output folder from the settings.

Amolto Call Recorder

In the options for Amolto Call Recorder, you can change the audio devices used for recording the phone calls, your side of conversation (microphone) and the video device. You can also choose how the recorded sound is processed and how much compression is used for producing the MP3 files. You can choose the video quality for recording the Skype video calls. It also offers a basic transcription service so you can create text files from the recorded phone calls.

Amolto Call Recorder

Amolto Call Recorder is free for recording audio calls in high quality, but for the video calls you have to buy the license after 10 days’ trial version has expired. You can continue to use it for recording audio calls even after the trial version has expired, but video recording features will be disabled.

You can download Amolto Call Recorder for Skype from