Print Test Page on Any Printer Using Print.Test.Page.OK

When you first install a printer and connect it to your computer, you have to print a test page to ensure that it has been installed properly. All the manufactures add this test page inside the memory of their printers. You an print this test page later using the printer settings in Windows or by pressing the buttons in a certain order for a certain duration.

If you want more options for printing the test pages for your printer, then you can try Print.Test.Page.OK. It is a portable tool that offers many different styles of test pages. After connecting your printer to your PC, you can launch Print.Test.Page.OK and click on the Print button to get a test page printed. This page can be customized by adding your own text, changing font face, changing font style and choosing a custom gradient.


It offers ten different types of test pages that you can use. All of these have different uses. Some of these can be used to test a particular type of ink cartridge – black or color. One of them is used to clean the color cartridge by drawing some ink which should clean the cartridge nozzles. Similarly, another page is used for cleaning the black ink cartridge nozzles. There are many color test pages with specially designed patterns that can be used to test whether all the color ink cartridges (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) are working properly.


Print.Test.Page.OK is a great tool to have on hand that can be used to test the printer after the printer has been sitting unused for many days or weeks as the nozzles may have become clogged. It can also be used to test the printer after you have installed new cartridges or have refilled the old cartridge for reuse.

You can download Print.Test.Page.OK from