SharpApp : Disable Telemetry and Debloat Windows 10

After a fresh installation of Windows 10, everyone takes some extra steps – installing device driver software like audio or graphics drivers, installing some essential software like 7-Zip or IrfanView, changing some of the settings and more. Now with the help of SharpApp you can automate all these tasks and disabling Windows 10 telemetry features, remove preinstalled apps, install new software, and also run some of the custom PowerShell scripts that can be made to do anything if you know some PowerShell scripting.

SharpApp is available for free and is a portable application. You can just extract it to a folder and launch from there. In the user interface, you are offered three privacy templates for different level of user – basic template for beginner users, interactive template for advanced users and silent template for professionals.  The basic template comes pre-installed but for other two templates you have to manually install them before using them. All these can do different things on your system – for example, the silent template can disable Windows Defender and Microsoft OneDrive in any Windows 10 system.


If you choose to go with these templates, then you can simply go to the scripting section, select one of the template PowerShell scripts and then click on the Run Script button. You can also manually remove individual preinstalled apps, disable telemetry and install new software using other sections of SharpApp. For example, under the packages section, you can choose one or more software packages that can be downloaded from the internet and installed on your system. Similarly, from the apps section you can choose the apps that come preinstalled in Windows 10 and remove them (actually disable them).

SharpApp is an open-source debloating tool for Windows 10. It employs PowerShell scripts for all the actions making it very very transparent and hence reliable for everyone. We suggest that you should make a backup of your system before using SharpApp to be on the safe side.

You can download SharpApp from