Disk Doctor : Storage Space Cleaning Tool for macOS

After a few months of regular use, even the best of the computers will end up filled with all sorts of junk files and other unnecessary things. We see it happen a lot on Windows computers but Mac is not immune from this problem either. Fortunately there is a way to quickly find and remove these junk or garbage files from your Mac using a smart program called Disk Doctor.

Disk Doctor for macOS is a nifty little utility that can help you recover your storage space easily in a couple of minutes. One advantage of cleaning your storage space is that Mac runs much smoother and performs much better. This app automatically scans your hard drive for all sorts of junk and displays them in a list categorized according to the type of the junk files.

Disk Doctor for macOS

It can even detect large files that might be taking up a large portion of the storage space on the hard drives. Among the junk files and other items it can look for application caches, app logs, web browser history, downloads folder, older software updates, all the files inside the Trash and large files (larger than 100 MB).

Disk Doctor for macOS

You can see the details of these junk files and make custom selections. You can also select or deselect entire categories and then move forward towards cleaning. On any typical Mac, it can find more than a gigabyte of files that can be cleaned. Since Apple sends updates every month, you can run this tool monthly to remove the older update files and recover hundreds of megabytes of disk space.

Disk Doctor is really helpful in keeping your Mac in tip-top shape. It cleans the unwanted or junk files in just three steps. However, it works only with the Mac’s system volume and cannot work with the external hard drives or other storage devices.

You can download Disk Doctor for macOS from https://fiplab.com/apps/disk-doctor-for-mac.