Take Notes with a Minimalist Notepad for Chrome Browser

When jumping from one website to another for researching on a particular topic, we often stumble upon so many great ideas but fail to write them down in time. Few minutes later, we often forget what we found out on a website that we accessed earlier. So what is the solution? It is very simple, keep a small notepad and a pencil/pen with you always. Even better if the notepad is built inside the web browser.

Minimalist Notepad is a Chrome web browser extension that adds a small notepad feature in the browser itself. After the installation of the extension, you can see an icon in the toolbar of the web browser using which you can launch this Minimalist Notepad.

Minimalist Notepad for Chrome

The user interface of Minimalist Notepad has everything you would need to write down important text, messages and so on. It has the usual text formatting options – changing of font size, font face, text style, text color, text background color, block-quote, code-block, adding of lists, alignment of text, adding URL, images and videos etc. Once you add a note, it will be saved across various browser sessions – if you close Chrome and launch it many days later, you will still find your old note saved in the Minimalist Notepad. The notes are saved to the local storage media and not sent to the online server.

Minimalist Notepad for Chrome

Minimalist Notepad is very useful for everyone – students, writers, bloggers, and more. It makes it so easy to quickly take all of your notes, thoughts, new ideas, to-do lists, reminders, or grocery shopping lists that you would order online later. In fact, it is a great tool to compare various items online for shopping later. For example, you can write down all the smartphones that you want to buy and then write their features and price to compare them.


You can get the Minimalist Notepad extension for Chrome browser from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/minimalist-notepad/apifjopbcgladjnfhhhedemcnnoponhf.