Wise Reminder : A Simple Reminder Tool for Windows

Wise Reminder is a small and simple reminder application for Windows. It can be used for reminding yourself of important upcoming events, meetings, tasks, anniversaries and other important things. You can use it to remind yourself of events that will occur only once or of events that are repeated every week, month or year.

After the installation of Wise Reminder, it places an icon in the Windows system tray from where you can access its settings. In its settings window, you can add new reminders and access already completed reminders.

When adding a new reminder in Wise Reminder, you have to add a description of the reminder which would basically give some information as to what it is about. Then you have to choose a frequency of the reminder – once, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly etc. You have to add the time and date for the reminder event. Finally you may choose a ringtone for your reminder. This ringtone can be muted, can be selected to default one as supplied by Wise Reminder and can also be any MP3 file from your computer.

Wise Reminder

When a reminder event’s time trigger is hit, it will show the notification  for that reminder in the system tray along with playing an audible alert. You can postpone the reminder for a few minutes if you desire. This is similar to hitting the snooze button on your digital alarm clock. After postpone duration is over, it will display the reminder once again and you can postpone it once again.

Wise Reminder

Wise Reminder is a very simple and small reminder application. It does not hog your system resources and uses a minimal amount of RAM while running in the background. It is great for reminding yourself of work related goals or personal events such as anniversaries.

You can download Wise Reminder from https://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-reminder.html.