XSearch : Free File Searching Tool for Windows

Windows does come with a pretty good search feature of its own. But sometimes we want something much simpler and faster. Fortunately there are many third party search tools that can be used in place of Windows Search. These file searching utilities often have features that you may not find in the in-built search feature of Windows. XSearch is one of such file searching utilities that works in the classic manner – it does not use any file indexing service just like how it used to be in Windows 95/98 era.

Xsearch is a portable application and can be launched without having to install anything. It makes a great file search tool to be kept in your USB flash drive portable apps collection. It has a user interface that looks like the classic the old fashioned Windows 2000 search. You can enter file name that you are looking for using wild cards.


You also have to choose a drive or folder in which you are searching for the files. You can add more than one search locations for looking up the files. The search results can further be constrained by the file size,  file date and time, file types, whether to include the folders in the results or if you want to recurse sub-folders when searching for files.

The search results can be exported to a comma delimited text file that can be opened in Microsoft Office or LibreOffice easily. There are options to add XSearch to the context-menu so that you can quickly search for files inside any folder by just right-clicking on them. The search criteria can also be saved and reloaded so that you can search for files without having to manually enter all the information and choosing all the filters all the time.

XSearch is a decent file search utility for Windows computers. The user interface looks a little bit dated, but it offers it is intentionally made to look like that. It does not use any database or indexing service, making it a truly portable and fast file searching tool.

You can download XSearch from http://www.easexp.com/xsearch/.