Awesome Video Player : Watch 16 Videos Simultaneously on PC

We all love watching videos of different kinds – some people enjoy watching music videos in the old fashioned MTV style, other watch documentaries and some younger ones love the new KPOP videos. Typically the way you watch a video on your PC is by double-clicking on the video file which makes the video open in the default media player installed on your system. Your default media player, whether it is Windows Media Player (WMP), VLC player, Media Player Classic (MPC) or some other player, opens just one video at one time. Even if you configure your media player to run multiple instances at the same time, different videos overlap each other and you cannot really watch them all at the same time.

So what would you do if you want to watch multiple videos at the same time on your PC screen (or multiple screens connected to your PC)? The solution is Awesome Video Player – a nice video player that allows you to simultaneously play up to 16 videos. If you have only one PC screen then these videos are played on the same screen – each video occupying equal space of the screen. If you have multiple screens connected to your PC then you can play a different video on different screens.

Awesome Video Player

Awesome Video Player uses all possible methods to play the videos – software CPU decoding or hardware GPU decoding. When using the software based CPU decoding, it can play many different video formats. But when hardware GPU based decoding is used, it does not support all the video formats.

In order to start playing multiple videos in Awesome Video Player, you can drag-n-drop your videos on its window. The videos are automatically arranged in a nice matrix. It actually comes with two sample videos for you to play with – one video of a racing car and another video of KPOP music.

Awesome Video Player

The player does not have to manually open individual movies. Just drag them to the main window and AVPlayer will arrange the rest, arranging individual sessions on the screen. In addition, you can create playlists that will allow you to replay the selected set of video materials at any time.

All the videos have their separate video controls (play pause etc) but you can change settings to sync the command so that all videos respond to the same set of controls. The settings include manually switching to GPU or CPU based decoding.

You can download Awesome Video Player from