AVS Video ReMaker : Edit, Split, Merge and Trim Videos Easily in Windows

When you have a video file that is almost perfect save a few things that you don’t like. You do not really want to edit that video file and re-encode it, you just want to remove or trim certain parts to make it exactly like you want it to be. In such a scenario, you should not use just about any video editor software. Instead, you should use AVS Video ReMaker – a powerful video editing software that can be used to edit, trim, and merge videos without conversion and as such without losing the original video quality.

AVS Video ReMaker has the usual video editing software interface where you can add video files on timeline. You can add transition effects between two videos, you can trim the videos, you can cut out selected parts from any video, you can split a single video into multiple parts, you can join multiple videos together into a big video and more. All these features and tools are available from the toolbar over the timeline.

AVS Video ReMaker

If you are assembling all of your home videos together to make a DVD or Blu-ray disk, then you can create chapters and menus easily from the toolbar. There are options to take screenshots of a video frame and save it in the image file format. When you are ready to process the project, you can click on the Remake Now! button.

AVS Video ReMaker

It will give you many options for the output file and folder names. You can save each of the videos into their separate video files or join them all together into a large video file. You can also choose video encapsulation at this stage like MP4, MKV, FLV, AVI, MOV and more.

AVS Video ReMaker is great for quick video editing jobs that require lossless video processing. It can process your video projects without actually converting your video files and this preserving the original quality.

You can download AVS Video ReMaker from https://www.avs4you.com/avs-video-remaker.aspx.

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