Detect It Easy Finds Detailed Information About Binary Files

When you upload a binary executable file (EXE, DLL, OCX etc) to the popular online virus scanner VirusTotal, it analyzes these files and shows you information about the possible compilers, linkers, packers and more. This information is useful for analysis and helps experts begin their investigation into how that program works and what it does on your system. But you do not have to upload your executable files to VirusTotal to find all this information, you can find all this information using a simple file utility called “Detect It Easy”.

Detect It Easy is portable tool and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. It is available as a portable application and does not require any third-party framework for it to work. In order to analyze a binary file, you can launch Detect It Easy and then open that binary file in it.

Detect It Easy

Analysis is done by matching the signatures of the well known compilers, linkers, and packers with your binary file. By matching this signatures, it can tell you which compiler was used, which linker was used and whether a packer tool was used on that binary file. If that program imports or exports functions from external sources, then you can find that information too. It can even tell you if that file is PE or .NET executable.

Detect It Easy

It comes with three sets of signatures – Detect It Easy being the one with largest number of entries in its database. If you use this program very frequently, then you can add it to the context-menu in the File Explorer. After adding the context-menu, you can just right-click on EXE or DLL files to analyze them.

Detect It Easy is not for everyone. It is useful only for the developers and software analysts who want to analyze programs, debug them and possibly decompile them.

You can download Detect It Easy from