Convert Java JAR Files into EXE for Quick Execution

JavaToExe is a small tool designed to make life a bit easier for the Java developers. It helps you quickly convert Java JAR files into EXE files in Windows for easy and quick execution.

Developers who build applications using Java programming language know that when you compile a simple Java program, it first creates class files which are then packed into a JAR file. This file is to be executed using Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE)’s java command. But if you distribute a JAR file to the end consumers then they might get confused and won’t know what to do with a JAR file unless, of course, they are also proficient in Java programming or are advanced users.

JavaToExe makes things much easier by helping you convert a JAR file into an EXE which everyone knows how to use. You can double-click on an EXE file to run it as opposed to give the java command to run a JAR file.


JavaToExe is a very small tool but gives you all the basic things you would want from a Jar to Exe converter. In its small user interface, you have to select the JAR file, any icon (ICO) files that should be used for the EXE, whether Java program uses GUI or is a console program, whether a XP manifest is to be embedded, whether the application should be executed with administrator level access and so on.

Clicking on the small Convert button will quickly create an EXE file and place it in the same folder as the original JAR file. You can now distribute this EXE file through any medium such as your website. This EXE file automatically detects whether JRE is installed and tells you to install it on your PC if not already done so.

You can download JarToExe from