Remove Programs from Windows with Any Uninstaller

Removing programs in Windows is supposed to be very easy through the Windows settings that you can access easily in Windows 10 through a hotkey Win+I. But sometimes, we encounter many problems when trying to uninstall previously installed software. Usually this has to do with the badly designed uninstaller programs that are supplied by the third-party software. While Windows does not give you many options when such a dud uninstaller is encountered, you can rely on a third-party software called Any Uninstaller.

Any Uninstaller displays you a list of all the programs installed on your system. You can select any of these installed programs and choose to uninstall it, modify the uninstaller settings, or attempt to repair the uninstaller if it is broken and does not seem to work.

Any Uninstaller

When you remove a program using Any Uninstaller, it first scans your system for any data related to that software. After the program has been uninstalled from your system, it beings to scan your system once again for any remnants or left-over data and then removes it too. This way it can fully and completely remove any software and minimizes the chances of any orphan files left behind by any poorly designed uninstallers.

Even though you are not going to use Any Uninstaller regularly or for a prolonged period of time, because you are not going to spend all day removing software, it presents skins or themes that can be changed to make it look much more appealing.

Any Uninstaller provides a very fast and smooth way of removing programs in Windows. It is able to detect left-over or orphaned files and remove them after a program has been uninstalled. It can handy when you are having trouble removing a software in the usual manner.

You can download Any Uninstaller from