Create and Organize Notes with Cross-Plaform WizNote

For some of us, the life has become so busy that we cannot remember everything and have to seek help from note taking apps like WizNote. It is a cross-platform note taking application that works on all the mainstream platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. It offer syncing across various devices so that wherever you go, you can access your notes easily. Moreover, it can create sticky notes that can be posted on your desktop for easy reminder.

In the WizNote client for Windows, you can add notes just like you would write something in a rich text editor such as Wordpad. It features all the tools using which you can format the text and add various elements such as images. You can add all sorts of notes in WizNote such as markdown notes, sticky notes, handwriting notes, outline notes, etc.


WizNote also gives you the opportunity to tag notes which makes it easier for your to search through your notes at a later time. You can use a number of templates for taking notes such as a daily journal, work log, meeting note, morning journal, visiting log, work report, rain, snow, and more.

Since WizNote offers syncing through multiple devices running on all sorts of platforms, it can be used as a team note sharing app. When your team is working on a project, they can use the same team account for WizNote to share the project status, comments, suggestions, messages, and other information. On Windows, it offers a floating bar interface through which you can add or edit notes easily.


WizNote can be used as an alternative for other note taking applications like Evernote. It is a versatile note taking application that can be used on all the popular platforms and can sync your notes across all of your devices if you are using the same WizNote account.

You can download WizNote from