Use Smartphone Camera as Webcam on PC with Iriun Webcam

These days smartphones are coming with very high resolution cameras with advanced features. Some of them have multiple lenses and give you very fine quality output whether you are capturing pictures or making videos. With such high-quality camera in your smartphone, you do not have to invest in a separate webcam for your PC because you can use the phone camera as a webcam on your PC. This is achieved easily with the help of a special software like Iriun Webcam.

In order to make it work, you have to install an app on your smartphone. It supports both Android based smartphones and iPhone. You also have to install a software on your computer. It supports Windows, Mac and also Linux computers. In case of Windows PC, you are given a choice of how many virtual webcams you want to have on your system. Each of these virtual webcams receives a video stream from your smartphone camera.

Iriun Webcam

As soon as you connect both your PC and smartphone to the same WiFi network, the Iriun Webcam software gets connected and your PC starts to receive the video and audio streams from your smartphone. You can place your smartphone anywhere in any position as long as it is still connected to the same WiFi network and you can have HD webcam on your PC.

Iriun Webcam

In the settings for the smartphone app of Iriun Webcam you can change the orientation of the camera (landscape or portrait), which camera you wish to use (front or back), whether you want to use autofocus feature (if available), whether you want the phone screen to be dimmed (useful for long webcam sessions) and more.

Iriun Webcam

In the free version of the Iriun Webcam software, it places Iriun logo on the video stream. It can be used just like any physical webcam attached to your PC and works in any web browser, Skype, Zoom and other applications.

You can download Iriun Webcam from