cStatus : Scan and Monitor Network Traffic in Windows

Usually a nightmare starts for the network administrators when a network resource goes offline and the network users incessantly complain about the disruption in the connection. The situation is not much different for the website owners who do not find out their offline websites until they check them three days later or when someone emails them about them.

One way to quickly find out about such problems is though a network or domain monitoring tool such as cStatus. It is a small portable network monitoring and scanning application for Windows. It can be used to check whether an IP address, domain name, or other network resource is accessible or online. One very popular use of cStatus is to check whether a website, web app or DNS server is alive and how long it is taking to respond for a connection request.


cStatus has a very easy-to-use user interface. You can begin by adding a new network resource to be monitored. You have to specify the host/IP to be monitored, a method of monitoring (ICMP/TCP), port, time to live and more. Reachable network resources are shown in green color and unreachable ones are shown in red color. You can also choose to play an alarm sound when the network resource is unreachable. It also displays a notification near the system tray area when an error is encountered or network problem occurs.

We added couple of DNS servers and the website domain for cStatus itself (hnsoft.pt). Ironically, cStatus website was offline and not reachable at the moment when we were testing it. We had to turn on Windscribe VPN in order to be able to access their website. The software does not consume much of the system resources and is very useful for network administrators and website owners.

You can download cStatus from https://www.hnsoft.pt/cstatus.