Abelssoft MalwareTerminator : Lightweight Anti-Malware for Windows

Nobody can tell when malicious software makes home in your computer. And before you realize, it has already done some serious damage to your computer and data. Depending on the type of malware, it can steal your financial information, it can encrypt your data for ransom, it can turn your computer into a zombie (part of a bot network) and more.

If you want to keep yourself protected from malware, then you should invest in a good anti-malware software that can quickly detect malware before it can cause any serious damage. Ablessoft has introduced a new anti-malware software of their own called MalwareTerminator that can find and remove many different types of malware from your PC.


MalwareTerminator scans your system using in-depth technology. Once it has detected malware on your system, it will display a list of the results to you and gives you option to get rid of them. It can scan your system at Windows boot and also every 30 minutes to ensure that malware is quickly removed.

MalwareTerminator offers an automatic scanning and cleaning method called 1-Click Cleaning. This allows you to scan and remove the malware quickly in just a single click. It supports all of the popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. It can find toolbars, plugins, extensions or add-ons installed in these web browsers. Any malicious extension can be quickly removed from within MalwareTerminator without having to open web browser settings.


MalwareTerminator also comes with a module that displays auto-starting programs in your Windows PC. These programs are added by good and malicious software both. You an remove an auto-starting entry that belongs to a suspicious or malicious software. You can also disable auto-starting entries that could be making your Windows boot slower.

MalwareTerminator cannot be considered a full-blown security software like the ones offered by ESET, Avast, MacAfee etc. It should be used along with other antivirus software for better protection from malware.

When testing, it found two toolbars on our PC – one in Chrome browser and another in Firefox browser. We had no idea that Chrome browser had “Word CaptureX Toolbar”. We could not find it manually but MalwareTerminator could detect it and remove it easily.

You can download Abelssoft MalwareTerminator from https://www.abelssoft.de/en/windows/security-privacy/malwareterminator.