Design Your Own Deck of Cards with nanDECK

Perhaps the new generation of Windows users will never find out the fun one can have playing card games on your computer. This is because Microsoft no longer includes the cards games such as FreeCell, Hearts and Solitaire that used to be installed along with rest of the operating system until Windows 7. After Windows 7, you have to manually download and install these card games from Microsoft Store app.

Good thing is that there are many third-party card games like 123 Free Solitaire easily available and they are usually much better than what Microsoft is offering for Windows 10 at the moment. Some of these third-party card games also allow you to use your own custom card deck images in the game. And if you are wondering how to design these card decks, then you may want to explore a freeware called nanDECK.


nanDECK is a script-based card deck designing software. It works on both Windows and Linux. Perhaps the developer of nanDECK was inspired by AutoDesk AutoCAD. Just like AutoCAD, you can enter commands or scripts and can see the preview of the design building up. It takes a little time to learn this, but once you get the hang of scripting, there is no limit to your card decks designing.

After you have designed your dream card deck set, you can export them in form of images or PDF file. It supports all types of image files such as BMP, GIF, JPG, TIFF, PNG and more. It can even convert PDF to images later on.


Fortunately, the developer provides a PDF reference manual with all the instructions and syntax for the scripts. There are also example scripts and detailed, lengthy tutorials available for nanDECK. After a couple of hours of going through these tutorials, you should become an expert card decks designers.

You can download nanDECK from