How to Find Lyrics of Songs in Your Digital Music Library

All of us some or other music files saved locally on our computers. Some of these are saved in MP3 or FLAC format while others could be in other not so popular audio file formats such as OGG, WMA etc. Not matter what kind of audio files you have saved in your digital music library, you can quickly find the lyrics to those songs instantly using a freeware called LyricsFinder.

LyricsFinder is a really useful application when you want to find the lyrics of a song that you cannot really understand clearly. Without knowing the lyrics of a song, you cannot sing along and keep wondering the actual words of the song all the time. This is where LyricsFinder can really help you out.

After launching LyricsFinder, you can start by adding individual audio files or entire folders containing your audio files. It supports all the popular audio file formats such as MP3, M4A, M4P, FLAC, APE, ALAC, WMA, OGG, and AAC. You can also drag-n-drop the audio files on the LyricsFinder window.


As soon as you add the audio files, it will start looking for their lyrics. You will notice a yellow/green LED blinking over the audio files indicating that it is looking for their lyrics online. Usually it takes only 1-2 seconds before you see the lyrics for the songs. Unless the song is very obscure or very old, it works all the time in fetching the lyrics for all kinds of songs.

However, if it does not find any lyrics for any of your songs, you can force it to find the lyrics by right-clicking on that song and then choosing “Force to search lyrics”. You can also use the hotkey Ctrl+R. Even if this fails,  you can manually search Google for that song’s lyrics through the right-click menu.

When you have downloaded the lyrics of a song, you can actually play that song from within LyricsFinder and sing-along using the lyrics. If the lyrics are too small, you can increase their font size so you can read them easily from far. You can also export the lyrics to a TXT file and print them off your printer.

You can download LyricsFinder from