FreeMeter Monitors System Performance in Windows

FreeMeter is a freeware that can display you important information regarding system performance. It can show you the current CPU, hard drive and RAM resources usage among others. It displays all the information in a big window having very small width. This window can be made to be always-on-top of all the other windows. It can also be customized to display less or more “meters”.

By default, FreeMeter displays the system uptime (how long your Windows PC has been running), volume information (disk drives, free space available, total space used and the percentage of the used space), CPU use in a graphical format, read-write access to the drives and the network use. It also displays the RAM and virtual memory usage (available, used and total memory).


In the FreeMeter settings, you can choose which of this information you want to display by enabling or disabling what they call “meters”. There are many such meters available in the default installation – Uptime, Drive Space, CPU Graph, Disk Graph, Network Graph 1, Physical Memory, Physical Memory Graph, Page File and Page File Graph. Some of these meters can be edited and made to display information in a certain way.

FreeMeter also places many icons in the notification area of Windows desktop. Each of these icons belong to different meters in the FreeMeter settings. In the default installation, three icons are displayed – CPU, RAM and pagefile usage. If you do not want to see an icon, you can make changes in the settings of that “meter” and prevent it from displaying the notification area icons.


You can download more meters from their website but that requires that you buy a Pro license. In the paid pro version, you can customize the meters and many other tools meant only for system administrators and power users.

You can download FreeMeter from