Frink : Advanced Program for Converting All Sorts of Units

Frink is an advanced unit conversion application designed using Java programming language. It is available in form of JAR file that can be run on Windows, Linux and possibly on macOS. It can be used to convert values from one unit to another. It supports all sorts of units – lengths, areas, volumes, currencies, and more.

Frink is designed to behave like an interpreter – you do not select units from a drop-down listbox, instead you have to type in the source unit and the destination unit. It will attempt to interpret what you are trying to convert and display the results. For example, you can type in 10 USD -> yen and it will convert 10 US Dollars into Japanese Yen.

This interpreter interface is really useful when you are not doing direct conversion, but complex conversions. For example, when you want to know the volume in gallons of a box having dimensions 10 cm x 2 cm x 6 cm, you can type in 10 cm 2 cm 6 cm -> gallons and it will give you the answer instantly.


Frink offers four different modes of operation. The default and easiest mode is convert mode in which two textboxes are displayed – in the first textbox, you have to enter the source value with units and in the second the target unit. There are single line and multi-line modes in both of which you have to type in the full conversion such as 1 USD -> riel. The fourth mode is for programming since Frink is also a programming language on its own.

Frink can also be used as a language translator. You can type in the source phrase in one language and the it will translate it into the target language in seconds. This feature requires connection to the internet. It supports many languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, and Russian.

You can download Frink from