GiMeSpace Desktop Extender : Smart Way to Increase Desktop Space

Sometimes when we are working on multiple projects at the same time, even a large screen seems to be not enough to keep all the open windows in sight. In that case, you can either buy additional screens and attach them to your PC in a multi-monitor configuration, or you can buy an even larger screen where all the open applications have enough space. If you cannot do any of these, then you can use a program like Desktop Extender that is able to increase the available desktop space in a very smart manner.

After the installation of GiMeSpace Desktop Extender on your Windows PC, when you move your mouse cursor towards any of the edges of the screen, you will notice that the cursor does not stop at the edges. Instead of stopping at the edges of the screen, it starts to scroll the screen in the same direction in which your cursor is being moved. This way it enlarges your desktop screen space virtually and allows you to open many more windows side by side. In order to bring any window to view, you can just scroll the screen to the left, right, top or down.

GiMeSpace Desktop Extender

From the Desktop Extender settings, you can change the scroll speed, scroll refresh rate, and enable various hotkeys. It also places an icon in the notification area of the desktop from where you can view and change various settings. For example, you can change the virtual desktop size, set active window size, save or restore window positions, etc.

GiMeSpace Desktop Extender

GiMeSpace Desktop Extender is a very useful application for small screen computers like the notebook computers having 13 inches screen only. With its help, you will be able to have a much larger screen in a virtual manner.

You can download GiMeSpace Desktop Extender from