SMPlayer : Free Media Player Based on Open-Source MPlayer

SMPlayer is a graphical user interface for the popular open-source media player MPlayer. Since MPlayer does not offer a full-features interface that you might find in other media players like VLC Media Player, SMPlayer offers a very nice and attractive looking interface for it. The result is simply outstanding – you can play all sorts of video files because of MPlayer and you can control it easily through SMPlayer interface. The user interface might remind you of MPC (Media Player Classic) or its variants like MPC-BE or MPC-HC.

SMPlayer is available for Windows and Linux. For Windows, you can either install it on your system or use its portable version. In all cases, it comes with all the necessary packages including MPlayer. Even though SMPlayer is based on MPlayer, it is not just a GUI front-end – in fact, it actually adds many new features that make watching videos much more comfortable. For example, it saves the settings for each video that you play. If you re-open a video in SMPlayer, it will start the video from the same place that you left it the last time – along with the same subtitles, same audio track and the same volume level.


SMPlayer allows full customization of the user interface. You can change the skins and icon themes to change to look of the media player. If you are playing a video that is in a foreign language and you want to find out any subtitles – it offers in-built function to search for the subtitles through and download them right away.

SMPlayer can be a really good replacement for the popular VLC Media Player if you need any. Just like VLC, it is able to play all sorts of video and audio files without requiring any external codecs.

You can download SMPlayer from